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จอทัชสกรีน touch screen

Touch Screen


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จอ Touch Screen



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Infrared Touch Screen Monitor

Touch Screen TV KIT

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เครื่องอ่าน Smart card

ขาย smart card

บัตร Proximity


USB Art Graphics Drawing Tablet Wireless Digital Pen 8

USB Art Graphics Drawing Tablet  Wireless Digital Pen 8

Name Product : USB Art Graphics Drawing Tablet Wireless Digital Pen 8
Product Code : P608N
Band : Huion
Model : P608N
Minimum Order :

1 Piece

  [ Stock : YES ]
จัดเตรียมสินค้าภายใน 24 ชม./สินค้าถึงมือท่าน 2-4 วันทำการ (รอบส่งของจันทร์/พุธ/ศุกร์ ตัดรอบบ่าย 3 โมง)
Price: 2,800.00 (฿)
Discount: 2,520.00 บาท (฿)

Product detail :

USB Art Graphics Drawing Tablet  Wireless Digital Pen 8" x 6" for Windows Mac OS PC
กระดานเมาส์ปากกา Graphics Drawing Tablet ขนาด 8 x 6 inch

-Good graphic performance.
-Widely used by designer, artist, teacher, student, office people, sales guy, presenter, etc.
-Enable you to paint, draw, sketch, sign, and mark up, write freehand e-mail and command the computer with a flip of the pen.
-Suitable for watercolor painting, magazine illustrative painting, image editing, drawing, industrial package design, game/cartoon movie design, sketching, scenery creation, handwriting recognition.
-Support a wide array of software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo Paint, LView Pro, Adobe Illustrator, -Macromedia FreeHand, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Flash, etc.
-The 8" x 6" working area is comfortable for long-time users.
-The tablet functions as the screen and its usable space can be adjusted by through a computer.
-Applicable operating system includes Microsoft Windows XP/ WIN7/ Win8 and MAC OSX 10.4 or above.
-A cordless pen likes a real paint brush and it functions as the cursor.

Product Name    Graphics Drawing Tablet    
Model        Huion P608N    
System Requirements    Windows XP/ 7/ 8; Mac: OSC 10.4 or Higher    
Technology    Electromagnetic digitizer    
Hand Input Resolution    5080LPI    
Report Rate    230RPS    
Pressure Sensitivity    2048 Levels    
Active area        8" x 6"    
Reading Height    1.5cm/0.9inches    
Supply Voltage    DC 5V    
Input current    < 60 mA    
Power consumption    0.35W    
Interface support    USB    
Main Material    Plastic    
Main Color        Black    
Dimension(Approx.)    30 x 25 x 0.5cm(L*W*H)
Warranty 3 month

[12316] Last Update : 01/03/201

Name Product : USB Art Graphics Drawing Tablet Wireless Digital Pen 8
Product Code : P608N
Band : Huion
Model : P608N
Minimum Order :

1 ชิ้น

  [ Stock : YES ]
Price: 2,800.00 (฿)
Discount: 2,520.00 บาท (฿)
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Product name

 Price (Bath) (฿)

1 USB Art Graphics Drawing Tablet Wireless Digital Pen 8 x 5 inch
Code: P580
ราคา: 2900 บาท
: 2630 Bath
2 Art Graphics Drawing Tablet with Cordless Digital Pen Black for Windows Mac PC Laptop 8 x 5 inch
Code: H580
ราคา: 3500 บาท
: 2630 Bath
3 Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet Digital Pen 8 x 5 inch
Code: W58
ราคา: 3850 บาท
: 3620 Bath
4 USB Art Graphics Drawing Tablet Wireless Digital Pen 10 x 6 inch
Code: H610
ราคา: 2900 บาท
: 2740 Bath
5 led rechargeable flood light 20W waterproof ip65
ราคา: 2500 บาท
: 2190 Bath
6 LED Motion Sensor Light LED โมชั่น ตรวจจับการเคลื่อนไหว
Code: LM01
ราคา: 390 บาท
: 310 Bath
7 LED Light Lamp Pir Auto Sensor Motion Detector ไฟ LED
Code: LM02
ราคา: 490 บาท
: 320 Bath
8 Light Angel LED Motion Activated Sensor Stick Up Night Light Cordless
Code: LM06
ราคา: 590 บาท
: 350 Bath
9 Video door phone ir camera Proma-702
Code: Proma-702
ราคา: 14900 บาท
: 10890 Bath
10 baby bottle warmer multifunction thermal baby milk
Code: Baby-07
ราคา: 1990 บาท
: 1640 Bath
11 Bluetooth ELM327 V2.1 Interface Code Readers Diagnostic Scanner for All ODB2/OBDII Protocols
Code: ELM327-A
ราคา: 650 บาท
: 500 Bath
12 Wholesale ELM327 HH OBD Bluetooth V1.5 ODB2 OBDII Car Auto Diagnostic Scanner
Code: ELM327-C
ราคา: 790 บาท
: 650 Bath
13 BT ELM327 Bluetooth OBDII V1.5 CAN-BUS Diagnostic Interface Scanner
Code: ELM327-B
ราคา: 590 บาท
: 500 Bath
14 7 inch LCD TFT multifunction Picture Photo Digital Frame With MP3 MP4 Player
Code: TC-018
ราคา: 1900 บาท
: 1640 Bath
15 7 TFT LCD Digital Picture Frame with Full Featured Wireless Remote
Code: TC-017
ราคา: 2900 บาท
: 2090 Bath


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